The UK’s first & Leading Mobile Barbershop experience to focus on the Groom/Groomsmen on their wedding day! Providing a gentlemen’s approach to the big day!

Its the day that your fianc?e has dreamed about since she was old enough to put her hair in pig tails and prance around in a pair of her mommy’s high heels.

Its all about her, ever since she was a darling little girl with buck teeth and a brace she has had this day planned down to perfection.
She has chosen the church where her parents tied the knot and the reception is where she spent her summers as a child wandering through the fields of barley dreaming of young love……. you get the picture.
So she’s spent a small fortune already on making herself look a million dollars and shes invited all her best friends along for the ride ! The hotel the night before is booked, the shoes and dresses are hung out in a tactical formation and the hair and makeup entourage have been booked in for the morning of the wedding …. Sorted!

Mean while you’re at your parents house the night before having a beer with your best man and ushers because your mother (and your wife to be) don’t trust you, firstly with ironing your own shirt and secondly because of the state your mates got you in on your disgusting stag weekend.

This has always been the textbook layout the day before a wedding…. Until now!

I started this company after my best friend was getting married and the above situation was upon us.
So, I decided that instead of being a typical group of lads and leaving everything to the last minute mainly haircuts, shaves, getting ready and knowing the general run of the day I would intervene and bring all of the above… to us!
As a highly skilled and experienced Barber, I thought if the girls get to spend all morning getting ready and messing about then why cant we do the same!
So the Groom, Best Man and Ushers met on the morning at the grooms house and we made it happen! 6 Haircuts and Beard Trims, 2 Cutthroat Shaves, Cigars, Cards and a few cold beers later and we’re ready for the day!
We all got ready together so no one was late aswell having a bit of banter and a few beers and maybe even helping take away some of those pre-wedding nerves from our mates big day!

And from there The Groomday Barbershop was born, I now offer a professional and affordable service offering tailor made packages suited to all, giving The Groom and his Groomsmen a stress free morning the day of the wedding. We are based in Birmingham but service the whole of the Midlands and will travel further upon request!
So if you’re the Groom, Best Man or perhaps the Bride looking to treat your future husband on your big day have a look at our packages, get in touch and we will be more than happy to build your perfect day or answer any questions.

Thank You