Happy Birthday To Us – Why I Do What I Do!

I know I?ve been away a while but we?ve been a little busy ha! I thought i should probably catch up as Groomsday is now ?1? and i feel i have hugely neglected the blog side of my work so heres the first of what i hope will be a steady run of blogs about our day to day as barbers! Thanks for reading x

I’m asked every single day….. do you ever stop working.

Heres my reply?

Enjoy what you do and you will never work a day in your life!

(That may sound like I?m trading forex or selling juice plus living out my moms house popping bottles on instagram?? I?m really just a barber, dad and boyfriend with a slightly high BMI trying to make a decent life for my little family)

That is genuine, being a barber isn’t work to me it’s who I have become and I love my life, intertwined with my backing trade as an engineer and with my busy mornings and early evenings as a young father spending as much time as possible with his beautiful family I managed to fall in love with the art of being a barber!

Now I know what you’re thinking “Fall in love with the art of being a barber…….. is this guy for real?!?” Okay that sounded like a soppy teenage exaggeration, but being a barber isn’t just running a number 2 round the back of someone’s head taking their score and getting the next punter in the chair. For most people it is that it’s an easy income and you will never run out of work, for a select few its not. I will be the first to admit that a good barber is few and far between nine times out of ten you’ll pay ?5 for some average joe to not give two hoots about you or your life, give you a monstrosity of a haircut and you leave the shop looking like you’ve had your hair cut with a bowl on top of your head?.in a dark room?. with the kitchen scissors….. by your Nan.

Then there are people like me and my circle of barbers….. who Love what we do and everything that comes with it we care about who we cut, and they see the passion that we show for our work and our customers and because of that we don’t go to work we go to life! It’s the small things that make the difference, from using a cutthroat razor to clean away that unwanted neck hair to having a breath mint before you are face to face with a customer for 30 minutes giving a hot towel shave or to actually taking five minutes before the cut to see exactly what they want and then asking how their kids are and how work is going! All these things and so many more small details add to giving your client not only a sharp haircut but an enjoyable experience! That’s the difference between the guy that cuts your hair and “Your Groomsday Barber”.

I can wholeheartedly tell you the name of every one of my customers, their partners name and their kids names, what they do for work, where they live and their plans for the coming months! A barber isn’t just some dude that cuts your hair …… a real barber is your personal stylist, a relationship advisor, a comedian, your therapist but most of all your barber is your friend….. someone you can trust! Ask anyone who has had the same barber for the most of their life and I can guarantee that they have confided in their barber with things that they haven’t even told you as a friend! I am lucky to have cut some really cool people in my time through my day to day barber career and Groomsday and everyone has a story. After the first few cuts people begin to come out of their shell and open up and its one of the greatest feelings knowing that you have made a connection with a customer that they trust you. We get told peoples deepest darkest secrets, hilarious weekend antics, confidential information, help nervous interns with interview questions and even find out how the undercover romantics plan to propose to their partner and they know that they can trust us and talk to us its great, from high ranking detectives and military personal to celebrities and CEO?s of multi million pound companies and importantly the likes of the local butcher and his two lads everyone is treated the same and everyone has their own story which we love to hear and getting to hear the outcome a fortnight later while we make them look a million dollars is the best bit!

I set up The Groomsday Barbershop with a sole focus of putting more of an emphasis on the male side of a wedding making The Groom feel just as special as the The Bride. The idea first sparked from being involved with a friends wedding and being asked to cut every man and his dogs hair because being stereotypical blokes we all thought that we would all have ample time the morning of the wedding??.. ill say it?. stupid! We grabbed some beers played some cards and smoked some cigars and i dished out a serious amount of haircuts and shaves and after it was all done i sat down and thought why has nobody done this! We all had a great laugh, got to do a bit of pre wedding bonding while we had a few beers and the lads were all looking on point, it was at that point i started working on putting all of this together and now here we are a year down the line and slowly beginning to build a reputable business and a name for ourselves in the wedding industry!

We are now one year old and we would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you who has helped support our journey we appreciate every single one of you!

There are some big things in the pipeline for the next few months and we can?t wait for you to see us hopefully shine!

Thanks for checking in-

Shay <

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