My Top 5 Tips For Shaving!


Top 5 Tips For Shaving!

As a keen wielder of a cutthroat razor i am extremely passionate about shaving being done the right way rather than a 5 minute quick blitz in a back alley barbershop that will leave your face sore and extremely uncomfortable for days after your shave. If you are unhappy with your past experiences of having a cutthroat shave then i can confidently tell you that you were shaved incorrectly. There are a number of different plays when it comes to a cutthroat shave from the angle of the blade to the preparation of the skin and many more……. but if i was to tell you all of them, i would no longer hold my own secrets ha. However i am going to give you my top 5 tips on you giving yourself a comfortable shave that will help you get the closest cut possible without the pet peeves of a wet shave.

5. The DIY Hot Towel Effect – Facial hair is cut best when the skin is wet and relaxed. The best part of a traditional cutthroat shave is the hot towel treatment, although a different experience to being in our chair the same effect can be achieved at home. Take a hand towel and submerge it under hot water (Now a lot of barbers will tell you to put the towel in the microwave for 30secs-1min but i don’t know many people that shave in the kitchen if I’m honest) add a drop of menthol rub and essential oils to the water and then remove the towel from the water and allow to cool for a couple of seconds then wring the excessive water from the towel place the towel directly on to your face when the towel is just hot enough to touch. As the towel begins to cool down rub the hairs on your face in the opposite direction to which they grow (this is called going against the grain) this will cause the hair to raise and remain wet ensuring the closest and smoothest shave possible.

4. Using A Decent Shaving Cream – Hair drys fast so keeping it wet is crucial to a good shave. A good shaving cream is great for this as well as keeping the skin lubricated to combat razor burn, we advise applying a good thick layer of shaving cream and even using a brush which will help you provide a more even application. We only ever use Blue Beards Revenge products as we feel that these guys have hit the nail on the head with their creams and lotions. Those products are available here at

3. The Right Weapon -While a straight razor may be the tool that we use, you can get a great shave with a disposable too. But you want to make sure that you select a quality one. Try and find yourself a lubricated blade with no less that 4 blades per razor head, this helps achieve a closer shave without nicking the skin like single blade disposable can do more often than not.

4. Know Learn How To Use It – Shaving is an art and a lot of guys do it wrong. Everyone seems to think that shaving against the grain gets you the closest shave ….. which it does. But with an open bladed razor, it’s a great way to nick your skin and draw blood. Additionally, because you are getting an extremely close shave – that means you are often cutting the hair below the skin and this leads to ingrown hairs that turn into razor bumps or worse. Instead, shave in the direction that your beard grows. Each person’s face has a different shape and different growth patterns for your hair so this is going to take some getting used to initially. Take your time and you’ll shave minutes of each time ( I know you like what i did there). In addition to simply shaving in the right direction, make sure to use the correct pressureand stretch the skin. Again, there’s an inclination to press down to get a close shave … but this is the WRONG way to do it. Assuming you have a good razor in your hand with sharp blades, let the razor do the work stretch the skin and apply pressure a little bit at a time and you cant go wrong.

  1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN – The aim of shaving is simply to remove your excess facial hair but the reality is that you’re going to be dragging an open blade over the skin itself too. While the lubricated strips on a disposable razor help reduce that damage, you should still make sure to rinse afterwards with a facial wash that is going to protect your skin. There are various different products on the market for different types of skin however we only ever use Bluebeards Revenge on our customers and recommend it to them as well. You can find all of their products here at

I hope I’ve been able to help you in the everyday struggle for the everyday gent but hopefully you will of taken a tip or too away and can try and take care of your skin a little more!

See you soon!


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